A Little Bit About me, And What its all about

IMG_8384Welcome to my new blog!  So, what is this thing all about, anyway?  I will probably spend time talking about everything from religion to science, and everything in between.  Basically, my interests are varied and numerous.  For work, I am a contractor.  I am so much more than my occupation though, as are we all.  I have built hot rods from scratch, I dabble in mechanical engineering and will be pursuing a degree in it, I love learning foreign languages, and although I am not fluent in any (yet) I have spent time learning Hebrew, French, Spanish, and Arabic.  I am a photography student and enthusiast, so you will probably see many photos on here as well.  And the list goes on, and on.  Life is too short, and the world is too beautiful and interesting not to check it all out!

The biggest influence on my life is Judaism.  It is something I am very passionate about, and I love searching, learning, discussing, and arguing points of torah and tradition.  Certainly, many of the posts will have to do with Judaism–it is “The Wondering Hebrew” blog, after all.

Apart from being Jewish, the most defining aspect of my life is my family.  I was raised by a single mother, who is just truly, amazing.  When I was 19, my girlfriend and I became parents.  Seven years later, we had a total of four, and had been married for 6 years.  Having been a parent for almost half of my life has taught me more about the world than anything else ever could.

Edit: although we are now divorced, she continues to be one of my best friends in life, and a truer image of love than this I cannot begin to conceive. 

So get ready to read the most eclectic mix of inquiry, observation, and soul searching that you’ve come across in a long time on the www.

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