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Take a knee….

This kneeling for the anthem row is ridiculous when facts are considered. 
“The flag is a symbol of this country and all that it stands for.” There is a lot that this country stands for that is horrible:
On the race issue, blacks make up 10% of the US population is black, yet blacks comprise 40% of the prison population. The US prison system houses 25% of the prisoners in the world, meaning that 12.5% of the worlds prisoners are black Americans. 
Some 53% of convictions are for non violent crimes such as petty drug possession. Drug use is a persons choice with their own body–others may not like it or approve of it, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are disallowed personal freedom of choice on a daily basis. It is legal, however, to take some of the most insidious compounds known to man because they’re prescribed by a “doctor,” or to drink ourselves dead and fill our bodies with “approved” poisons sold in every store and fast food restaurants, which lead to more grave health issues and deaths than illegal drugs. 
The entirety of the US economy is designed to favor the wealthy, with lower tax rates and giant tax rebates for corporations, as well as ridiculous government subsidy. It’s to the point that farmers who benefit from subsidies on corn (80% of the corn grown in the US is inedible, and a large portion of that is plowed under because the subsidies pay better than the harvest) and tobacco, for example, then turn around and scorn those on public assistance, sitting right alongside corporate fat cats– who pay lower tax rates than the majority of Americans– who do the same. 
Our military budget is larger than that of the next 11 countries combined, yet we have not had a direct foreign threat of any magnitude on US soil since the Spanish American war, which the US started over greed. 
Citizens of this country are, by and large, more interested in getting the swank new iPhone and tripping over what celebrity got plastic surgery last than with the marginalization of others. “I’ve never had any problem with cops,” people say. That’s great, for you. For the average minority it is simply not the case. 
It’s too far into the present now to say simply that the imbalance is created by “cultural differences.” When the system is designed to put more of one race in prison, the “cultural differences” are foisted upon them. When a person can do life without parole for petty drug possession or petty theft, and the sentencing of minorities is most often harsher than that of whites, there is a problem. 
–note: I’m not even going bother chiming in on health care issues.–
So the big issue here comes from “disrespecting the flag and what it stands for.” For millions of people in this country the flag stands for hatred, slavery, subjugation, duplicity, hypocrisy, ignorance, fear and murder. And before anyone says, “if anyone doesn’t like it they have the right to leave,” let me just say that this viewpoint is completely dismissive, diversionary, and ignorant to the actual facts of traveling–especially expatriation. 
So, basically, the honor of an inanimate object is more important to many than the honor of an individual, or justice in general. “America” is not a country which stands for freedom or justice, it “just plays one in TV.”

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